Salesforce’s Bug Bounty Program Salesforce Shastras

Salesforce’s Bug Bounty Program

Salesforce’s Bug Bounty Program is an initiative that rewards ethical hackers for identifying and reporting potential vulnerabilities in its digital infrastructure. This program has been a cornerstone of Salesforce’s security measures since its inception in 2015. A Rewarding Initiative The Bug Bounty Program has proven to be a rewarding initiative for both Salesforce and the…

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Salesforce Einstein Copilot A Comprehensive Guide Salesforce Shastras

Salesforce Einstein Copilot: A Comprehensive Guide

This Salesforce Einstein Copilot: A Comprehensive Guide will help you to create trail org of Einstein Copilot, Additionally you will get to know about real-world use cases for Einstein Copilot Salesforce has released a new AI assistant called Einstein Copilot. It’s a customizable, conversational, generative AI assistant that interacts with users in a conversational way….

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